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Find out more about Lollipops Patch and whats makes me passionate about the work I do. 

My name is Lauren, I live in Burton upon Trent  and I started Lollipop’s Patch in 2023. 

I have grown flowers for many years in my garden and that is where my love,  creativity  and passion for flowers all started. I love filling my home with   freshly cut homegrown flowers that I have grown from seed and seeing them bloom gives me such joy and pleasure.  

I am passionate about British   flowers and doing my part   to reduce the impact on the environment and global warming. Read more about the carbon footprint of flowers here. I  do not use pesticides  or wrap my flowers in plastic but pride myself on providing a sustainable and plentiful  environment for pollinators. It is estimated that only 14% of flowers sold in Britain are   grown here and this led me to thinking that if I grew more to  supply locally and following my passion then that tiny percentage will grow  and make a difference.

My work has a very natural feel, there is something about seasonally grown flowers with  there not so perfectly straight stems or nibbled edged that makes you realise just how   wonderful nature is. Each season bring fabulous colours, textures, styles to the flowers and   I love each one for its different offerings. I can never choose a favourite! Although the late  summer/early autumn Dahlias are my absolute passion.   

From the tiny pompon to the   extravagantly blousy dinner plate variety’s, I just adore them all!   

Sustainability and the environment is very important to me. I grow without using chemicals   or pesticides, letting nature do its job. There is nothing better than watching ladybirds   munching their way through the aphids or catching a lovely fat fluffy bumble bee grazing on   the sunflowers or collecting the sweet nectar from all the wonderful flowers I grow.

My soil is nourished with local farm yard manure… fresh when its delivered its still   steaming! And compost for seed sowing is peat free.   My designs are made using foam free techniques, mainly using upcycled glass jars for posies that can be returned or recycled, brown paper and twine or hessian for hand tied   bunches that can all be composted.

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